Why I Care About Color

First in a series of blog entries about color theory, with live help fromĀ  ColorTheory (Step 1) .  Next_post

This seris of posts started as an attempt to answer some very basic questions…

How can we choose harmonious colors? Colors that look good together, but also are distinct from each other?

I started with the goal of experimenting with programming web applications. But no matter what framework I started with, the first thing I always had to do was use HTML and CSS to format something that looks good. And that always devolved into issues about colors, or be happy with gray.

My initial design approach seemed straight-forward- choose a nice picture (which can be re-used in the blog banner) with good color harmony, and choose colors from the picture. You can see the results…

You can see the results in this blog and in the ColorTheory (Step 1) . The results were workable, but muddy. Picking colors that looked nice on their own and not just in the context of the picture was difficult. For example, my attempt to get a good yellow from the rear wheel in the figure only resulted in a creamy taupe without much distinction.

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What This is About

This is to be a blog of enthusiasms- things I get excited about enough to dig into, but not to the point where the knowledge becomes implicit or becomes lost in a sea of minutiae. This is not intended to be a personal journal, nor is it intended to reflect my professional life. But every so often I find myself digging deep into some esoterica and if I don’t record the results somewhere, did I really do it?

Perhaps a year or so in the future, I can come back to this post, and re-edit it to properly foreshadow the story that followed this entry.

Well, that’s certainly vague enough to let me do most anything except embarrass my children or my employer. What are my qualifications for this? PhD in mathematics followed by 25 years as a research and development engineer, a wife, son, and daughter, but no dogs and no cats (so I can’t embark on a voyage of cute pet videos), and a lifetime of curiosity.