This blog is written by myself, Daniel Johnson. I am an aerospace research engineer, math buff, and avid reader of science fact, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal genre fiction. I also regularly attend gaming conventions.

This is a blog of my¬†enthusiasms- things I get excited about enough to dig into, but not to the point where the knowledge becomes implicit or becomes lost in a sea of minutiae. This is not intended to be a personal journal, nor is it intended to reflect my professional life. But every so often I find myself digging deep into some esoterica and if I don’t record the results somewhere, did I really do it?

Well, that’s certainly vague enough to let me do most anything except embarrass my children or my employer. What are my qualifications for this? PhD in mathematics followed by 25 years as a research and development engineer, a wife, son, and daughter, but no dogs and no cats, and a lifetime of curiosity.

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